Make sure that every piece that has to be moved is packed and nothing is left behind to be packed until the time of moving.

Make a mental or paper note of the arrangement of the order in which the items have to be placed with the heaviest ones always being placed in and removed from the truck last.

You would need a lot of supplies and boxes while making the move so always keep extra ones on the side and don’t skimp out while investing in them so as to avoid last minute hassles of rushing out to buy last minute supplies.

Items such as strong plastic packing tape to seal the boxes securely, bubble wrap to keep your belongings and possessions from getting broken or damaged and unprinted paper ought to be kept handy in large numbers. Newspapers tend to stain the items so avoid using old newspapers no matter how many of them you may have and be tempted to use. Also, the good old masking tape ought to be avoided as it is not as strong as packing tape.

As far as labeling the boxes go, some rules to follow include labeling on the sides and not the top as it will be possible to read them even if they get stacked upside down by mistake since it can be a pain to lift heavy objects.

Also label the room in which the said packed item will be going as unpacking by room is easier, more organized and less time consuming.

Label every box with a number and jot down a list on paper of the items that are in the corresponding number labeled on the boxes. This method will help you identify if any box gets missing or stolen and make everything more organized.

Employ the color coding scheme while labeling. For every room, enlist a separate color and use the tape of tat color to seal or label the boxes. People often tend to read things wrong in a hurry but a striking color will prevent this kind of confusion and deposit the boxes to their corresponding rooms.

This is the time that you have been long putting off-that of creating an inventory, with which we will be ready to help. A detailed list will be created by us so that you that can value your belongings for insurance coverage and the packing can remain as organized as ever.

This is also the right time to save on money and reduce the clutter in your new office or home. Take along only those items that you intend to use and sell off or leave behind those that are of no longer any use to you. You don’t need to waste time packing and moving such items that when reopened will serve no purpose to you in your new space
There are certain items such as food, utensils, toiletries, chargers, remote controls, etc. that need to be opened and used before the others. So mark their boxes with the words ‘Open First’.