Long distance moving has an entirely different set of challenges from a local move.  Long distance moves require proper planning and the experience of a company like Excellent Choice Movers who can accurately plan and meet the deadlines for your move in date.

The Excellent Choice Guarantee

Most moving companies say that they specialize in long distance moving, but in reality they subcontract the actual move to a carrier who has the vehicles and capability for long distance moving.  Not Excellent Choice.  We can offer this guarantee because for years we built our business as providing this carrier service for other moving companies.  Your entire move will be handled by our staff and not some other company behind the scenes.

Boxing and Packing For Your Move

Excellent Choice Movers has had years of experience packing and preparing for Long Distance Moves.  We can provide the boxes, tape and other packing materials and do the actual packing for you if this is the type of service you need.  We also are prepared to provide service for a last minute move if you need to pack up and move immediately.  Again our experience in the field speaks volumes about the type of service we offer, and the guarantee that Excellent Choice Movers will meet your needs safely and in a timely manner every time.

Quality Assurance

Unlike most other long distance movers, our quality service does not end when you receive your belongings.  Our quality assurance representatives ensure that you are satisfied throughout your move.  They are always standing by to answer and question and assist you with any problem you might have.  Since we consistently aim for quality customer service, Excellent Choice Movers has earned a solid reputation in the industry for dependable and Excellent Service.