Just ask anyone in your neighborhood or at your office about their moving experience.  Based on the quality of the company they hired,  they might have either had the best possible time during the relocation or may have ended up living in a nightmare which would haunt them for years to come. The comments easily denote that finding the right service provider matters a lot when it comes to moving from one place to another. The question is how to identify a reputable moving company? For a first timer, it might sound like a vague and intimidating question but there are multiple methods and rules to follow which will easily help you find your answer.

Start Local

Start off your search by going through yellow pages and reputable websites that provide contact information of moving companies. However when you must keep this in mind, when it comes to residence or office relocation, the majority of moving scams took place through the internet. This is where fake companies post their information temporarily to lure people into their trap.  Never fall for such gimmicks and always stick to a source that looks professional. It is always good to rely on your telephone directory and online yellow pages that have verified companies in their list.

Some companies are only allowed to move you within the state they are licensed in. These are considered short distance movers or local city movers.

As a nationwide moving company, Excellent Choice Movers can help you if you are moving across the US or anywhere outside of your state. While some moving companies can only travel certain distances, we can go anywhere nationwide. It is important to discuss your destination with us before continuing the process.

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